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I like books and talking (well in this case, writing), so that's why I am here.

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Hi there!


Today it's not something special I'm writing about (not that it ever is). It doesn't have any sort of subject, but I felt like writing something so I grabbed my laptop and now we're here. I don't know what I'm gonna write. Guess you have to find out by clicking that button that I don't know the name of, lol.


so true



I had a relaxed day at school. A short day, too. We got a lot of our tests back, and since we don't have any homework yet, I read a little this afternoon. If I could, I would bring my book to school, but I don't think others will understand it. Soooo when I got home, I had an hour of reading and I enjoyed it so much. I get so relaxed when I read, and all my worries are gone for a moment.


I'm currently reading the Scorch Trials, and oh my god. I love it! Before I started with the book, I had heard a lot of bad things about it. That the first book actually was the only good book. But I still wanted to give it a try, AND I MADE A GOOD CHOICE! Everything is so well thought out (if I say that right). And even though I sometimes don't like James Dashner's writing style... the subject fixes it right away! But I'm not going to talk about this too much, because I'm going to do a review about this book when I finish it. BUT I'M SO EXCITED! 


Last thing (which is completely different but okay why not) is a book which I'm not sure about if I will buy it or not. Well, it's not a book. It's a comic. The Walking Dead comic. I'm in a dilemma, what do I do?! I looove the series, it's by far my favourite! I just love love love it. And I'm very curious about the comics, but I'm hesitating a bit. The price is the biggest con. I think it's pretty expensive for a 'book'. But on the other hand, I understand it. With all the drawing and stuff, that's a lot of work! I'm so curious about the comics and I've never really read one. If you're reading this and you have read one, tell me about it! Is it worth it? 


Meanwhile I'm going to continue reading The Scorch Trials, enjoy the rest of your day!